Posted by: Taylor | March 7, 2017

Can God Trust You with Pain and Suffering? Devotional Thoughts on John 11:5-6

Now Jesus loved Martha and her sister and Lazarus. So, when he heard that Lazarus was ill, he stayed two days longer in the place where he was. 
~ John 11:5-6 ~

Why did Jesus wait two days before leaving to check on Lazarus?  This is a reasonable question.  According to John 11:5-6, Jesus stayed two more days because He loved Martha, Mary, and Lazarus.

Look at these verses again.  It plainly states that Jesus loved this family, and because of His love for them, He waited two more days.

Why?  How is waiting two more days loving?  How is someone dying loving?  How is prolonged suffering loving?

It was loving because what Jesus had planned for this family was so much better than what they wanted.

They wanted immediate and temporary healing.  But Jesus gave them a glimpse of eternal life.  They wanted Jesus their friend.  But Jesus allowed them to see the face of God.  They wanted to escape death.  But Jesus conquered death.

Martha and Mary wanted Jesus to come and heal Lazarus so he would not die.  But because Jesus loved them, He waited two more days.  Waiting was the loving thing to do.  If He had healed Lazarus instead of waiting, they would have never seen or experienced the Living God.

Count yourself blessed when God trusts you with pain and suffering.  It means He wants you to know Him more…


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