Practicing the Love of God, Romans 12:9-21

love-one-another2.jpgGod’s love is so amazing.  And yet, we are so poor when it comes to showing others this amazing love.  Look with me today at Romans 12:9-21.  Paul in response to God’s love shares with us ways to practically live out the love of God before others.

Practical Love

Romans 12:9-21 

Focus Verse:  Romans 12:16

Be in agreement with one another.  Do not be proud; instead, associate with the humble.

David was an awkward kid in our youth group.  He was overweight, had long fingernails, and greasy thin hair.  He wore thick glasses and had a peculiar laugh.  I always felt sorry for him.  Most of the kids were nice to him, but they really didn’t want to hangout with him. Continue reading


Marriage Is Now A ‘Hate Crime’

George WillGeorge Will has a new article that is a must read.  Apparently in Oakland, California, it is now a ‘hate crime’ to even mention the ‘natural family’ or Biblical values in the public arena without it being a ‘hate crime.’  My stomach turns and my heart hurts to think that one group (gays and lesbians) are being allowed to completely silence another group (Christians, Jews, and others who hold traditional conservative values) because they (the gays and lesbians) feel threatened, excluded, and targeted.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

1st AmendmentFreedom of speech and religion says that Congress can “make no laws” which hinder the free expression of speech or religion.  This is what we as citizens of the United States have been granted in the Constitution.  And although there are many types of religions and speech which is totally against my personal beliefs, I as a Christian understand that other religions and ideas are protected by the Constitution. 

Continue reading

Ruth Bell Graham Dies at Age 87

Ruth GrahamAt 5:05 p.m., Ruth Bell Graham went home to Heaven to be with Jesus her Savior.  All who have been impacted by the ministry of Reverend Billy Graham owe much to her for his ministry.  Her self-sacrificing ministry to her husband and family is what allow Dr. Graham to travel and preach the Gospel of Jesus with confidence and authority.  Dr. Graham knew his family was safe and well cared for because Ruth was home doing the job of two.

Thank you Mrs. Graham.  Thank you for being a simple modest wife, mother, and woman.  Thank you for loving Jesus more than loving your husband.  Thank you for trusting Christ with Billy, your marriage, and family.  Thank you for living a life worthy of praise, but declining to accept it.  Thank you, we love you, will miss you, and look forward to a wonderful reunion.

Our prayers and thoughts are with you Dr. Graham.  Thank you too for being the man of God God created you to be, and the husband your wife needed you to be.  We love you and grieve with you over your loss and Heaven’s gain. 

God’s peace and blessings be with you!

Taylor W. Kendrick, a pastor, husband, and father

Click Here to read the AP article about Mrs. Graham’s life and passing.

Support Fred Thompson

Fred ThompsonThings Not Seen is excited to announce their support for Fred Thompson as the Republican Presidential Candidate.  Although Thompson has not officially announced that he is running, we believe an annoucement could come as soon as July 1st.  Please join TNS in supporting Thompson.  We have added a link here and a widget at the bottom which will enable you to contribute to his Presidential campaigne.

Thank you and God’s Peace!

Taylor W. Kendrick, Editor

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Jerry Falwell, More Alive Now Than Ever!

Jerry FalwellEarly this morning Pastor Jerry Falwell past away at the age of 73.  I never met the man personally, but I knew him well.  He loved Jesus with a passion few others have demonstrated in their lives.  He was uncompromising in his faith to Jesus our Lord, and unwavering in his pursuit to share the gospel so that all men might know God.

Pastor Falwell had many critics.  I have always thought of him as a modern day Peter because of his bold and unflinching convictions (he also had a tendency to allow his mouth to get him into trouble too).  So, I was not surprised to read and see the coverage of his death to be so blatantly hostile towards him.  In fact, many websites and blogs today are celebrating his death.  Seeing his passing as some sort of victory.

This celebration reminds me of those in Palestine celebrating immediately after 9/11.  America was reeling from these attacks, but the people in the Gaza Strip were celebrating the death of 3000 Americans.  I find it sad that such hate can live in those who claim to be so tolerant and understanding.  The jubilant think they have finally defeated a might enemy and that the war is over and they have won. Continue reading

Virginia Tech Massacre: Where is the Humanity?

Students MournThe massacre at Virginia Tech has left all effected by it with a piercing hole in our hearts.  Each of us asking ourselves:

“Why did this happen?”  “Is my child safe?”  “Could I be next?”  “What should have been done to prevent this?”  “Why did this person chose to destroy so many lives?”

These are some of the many personal questions we are asking ourselves as we sort through the tragedy which befell our nation yesterday morning.  It is normal for us to desire answers, to want to understand why things happened.  I too want to understand why.  I too want to protect my children.  I too hope to know if things could be done to have prevented this.  But the thing which I want to here most, I still have not even heard once. Continue reading

The Day I Became A Pastor

John & Lee RushtonThis article is lovingly dedicated to the memory of my friend John Rushton and to his dear wife Lee.  Lee, you and John suffered much these past four years, but never forget, God has walked this road with you, and God will lead you home.  I love you, and continue to pray for you daily.

Your friend & pastor,


Note to article:  This article was written in January, 2007.  Since then, my friend John has past away.  Please remember Lee in your prayers. 

I was called on August 8th, 1988.  But, it wasn’t until the fall of 2004 that I became a pastor.

November 2002, my family and I began to serve our first church as pastor.  I had served in various places, doing various things (youth pastor, collegiate pastor, small group pastor), but never “the pastor.”  Antioch Baptist is a rural church averaging about 75 in worship.  It is located six miles outside of Lafayette in Chambers County, Alabama. 

My family and I lived across the street in a small brick home with white trim, a carport, water pump, and a storage building.  Rolling hills, cow pastures, and the occasional wild turkey painted the view with grace as the pines grew tall and nothing but the azure sky is seen against the green of the trees. 

Small communities are amazing.  If you drive past them on your way to another place, they draw no more attention than a speck of dust as it drifts through your home.  But, if you take a moment, focus a little, you can see that speck not drifting, but dancing.  It glides on the currents, dipping, diving, soaring, and then it is out of sight.  Small towns too have their own cadence their own waltz.  Continue reading