FlashWelcome to the Syndicated Subscription Page for Things Not Seen:  Perspectives on the unseen world around you.

Things Not Seen (TNS) is available via email or rss subscription.

How to Subscribe Via Email:

Email SubscriptionTo subscribe to Things Not Seen by email, select the email icon below, enter your email address, and select subscribe.  You will then be added to TNS’s email subscription list and can expect to receive our next weekly syndicated feed.  TNS promises to protect and keep private your personal information.  Your email address will not be shared or sold.

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RSS, What is It and How Do I Use It?

RSS Feed Things Not Seen is also available via rss (Really Simply Syndication).  To do so, you must use what is called a “News Reader” or “Aggregator.”  A “News Reader” is simply a program which grabs Syndicated Feeds from the websites of news organizations, magazines, and blogs as the site is updated with new content. Desktop Computer

“Readers” come in two forms, Internet or desktop based.  Desktop readers are downloaded to your computer, and will require the subscriber to have an Internet connection for the reader to check for updated content. 

InternetInternet readers have no software to download.  You must register as a user with the service provider.  Once registered, you simply log into your reader account to check for updates on any feeds which you have subscribed. Many readers are available for free.

How to Subscribe Via RSS:

To Subscribe to Things Not Seen by rss, select the rss icon below.  You will be redirected to my rss syndicated subscription page and there given the opportunity to choose an Internet based reader to subscribe to TNS. 

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I would suggest using Newsgator.  It is a free Internet based reader and was recently ranked as one of the top 10 best News Readers for usability and functionality.  Other readers which were well ranked are:  Bloglines, Google’s Reader, Yahoo’s Reader, and My Aol Reader.

Subscribe in NewsGator Online Subscribe to Things Not Seen Via Newgator

If you are not already registered with one of these readers, you will be given the opportunity to register with them while subscribing to TNS.

Thank you for subscribing to Things Not Seen.  I look forward to the opportunities we will have as we share perspectives on the unseen world around us.

Peace and blessings!

Taylor Kendrick