Answered Prayers! We’re Home!!!

Bethany’s biopsy showed NO REJECTION!  Answered prayers! Thank you so much for your faithfulness in prayer for Bethany.  We are home now, and will be for the holiday weekend!  We are all so thankful and excited.

The doctor did find that her liver bile ducts were irritated with some inflammation,  but it was clearly not rejection.  Most likely the cause of the inflammation is some bacteria which has accidentally made its way back into her GI track. This is not entirely unusual for transplant patients.

We have changed a few of Bethany’s medicines and we’ll continue to monitor her liver levels closely.  But for now, her liver has received a clean bill of health and we’re home for the holiday.  Praise our faithful God!

Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer for our family!  God has answered mightily!

Blessings and happy Memorial Weekend,


Being Admitted Again…

Bethany’s chemotherapy has gone well today. Praise God!

Our trip over to Atlanta early this morning was made safely,  and we were just about ready to return home a few minutes ago. Unfortunately,  we discovered Bethany’s liver numbers have jumped significantly.

Her doctor believes she’s having another rejection episode. He is recommending a liver biopsy and endoscopy in the morning.  In other words,  Bethany and I have won a 2-3 day stay at the luxurious children’s hospital of Atlanta! Woo-hoo!

Prayerfully,  we’ll be able to go home by Friday,  but nothing is a guarantee.  Bethany and I are dealing with our new situation with much sarcasm which is one of our spiritual gifts! Angela and Jonathan will remain in Birmingham.

We all know God is in control,  but this new setback is extremely upsetting.  Thankfully,  Bethany is feeling well. We are also very thankful for a proactive doctor who knows how to best care for Bethany.

1. Please continue to pray fervently that God will continue to heal Bethany of her lymphoma.

2. Further, please pray that Bethany’s liver will stop rejecting, and that we can find the appropriate dosing of Bethany’s anti-rejection medication to ensure that the CMV and EBV viruses don’t return and that Bethany won’t experience anymore ensure rejection episodes.

3. Pray Bethany and I will be able to go home before the weekend.  Bethany has been in the hospital for every holiday since Easter 2013. We all were looking forward to celebrating memorial day at home this year.

4. Finally, although we know God is in control,  this setback is very frustrating. Each time we think we’re moving in the correct direction,  we in up taking 3 steps backwards.  Please pray for all of us. Please pray for patience, strength,  faith, and a true desire to allow God to be glorified in this situation.

Thank you for your prayers and devotion to lift Bethany up before our Father in Heaven. Remain faith.  But, remember, even if we are fairhless, He remains faithful (2 Tim. 2:13).

In His grace,

2 weeks Straight!!! Bethany Remains CMV and EBV Negative!!

We are all so excited! Bethany has remained CMV and EBV negative for two weeks now! Praise God!

This means we will be reducing Bethany’s anti- viral iv infusion to once a day.  We have been doing two infusions daily which take about five hours. Please continue to pray for Bethany’s healing. We are not out of the woods yet, but I think we are beginning to see a little light.

Bethany still has four more chemo treatment. These will be given every three weeks. Her next treatment will be next Tuesday. Her final treatment will be July 22.

Please continue to pray for Bethany to not get sick, and pray that her whitecount will remain normal. This week her white count dropped from 8500 to 5000. Please also pray for Bethany’s IGG. It was low this week, but still within the normal range.

Overall, Bethany is making a great recovery. She is still easily tired, but her spirits are up and she seems to be feeling much better. While we were in Atlanta, she was so sick. It’s good to see her feeling good again.

Thank you each for your continued prayers. Keep them coming!  God is good, and He is answering each prayer.  We love you!

To God Be the Glory!


Bethany for the first time since January tested negative for CMV and EBV!  This is wonderful news!  If she tests negative again next week, then she’s officially be considered CMV and EBV negative.  Keep up the prayers!

We have been home for one week.  It’s been wonderful!

I can’t say that we’ve recovered from another 30 day stay in the hospital yet, but give us another few weeks.  We’re all still very tired and the house is still recovering from our long stay away, but we are all so happy to be home!  Thank you for your continued prayers and concern.

In His Grace,
Taylor, Angela, Bethany, and Jonathan