Pet Scan Results and Other Praises:

Bethany’s PET scan came back 100% clear!

We give God great praise.  We are all so thankful that Bethany is cancer free.  Thank you for your continued prayers for Bethany and our family.

Bethany’s liver numbers, which indicate overall liver health, have been on the rise since her last hospitalization in July. Today we repeated blood work to see if a new antibiotic is having any affect on the infection in Bethany’s liver.  We won’t have results for several days, but we would ask for prayers for Bethany’s liver numbers to normalize.

It seems that with Bethany we can’t get a 100% good report.  The PET scan is clear, but the liver numbers are up.  We are always appreciative for good news, but sometimes these mixed reports make it difficult to know how to share about Bethany’s progress.  Either way, our family deeply appreciates your prayers.

But, let’s not stop there.  Allow me to share with you many wonderful milestones our family has experienced this past month and a half.

  1. Praise!  Both Bethany and Jonathan have adapted wonderfully to public school.
    • After four years of being taught by me, their Dad, both are successfully making a great transition back into regular school.
    • They love getting to make new friends, strengthen current friendships, and explore new and wonderful interests being made available to them.
    • Both children currently have all A’s and B’s in their classes.
  2. Bethany has only missed one day of school, which was the day we had to travel to Atlanta for her PET scan.
    • This is amazing considering that Bethany’s last full year at Briarwood she missed 58 days.
    • God is so good!  I had almost forgotten what a healthy Bethany looked like.
    • Tears of joy and happiness are my only express to realize truly how blessed we are to still have Bethany with us and so healthy.
  3. Bethany experienced her first date this past Saturday!
    • She was escorted to Hoover High School’s Homecoming by an outstanding young man from our church.
    • She was thrilled to be asked, and the two of them along with three other couples had a wonderful evening.
  4. This Saturday, Bethany will celebrate 10 months since her transplant!
  5. Last Wednesday, Angela and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary!
    • A dear friend, Chuck Cameron, sang an original song for us at our wedding 20 years ago.
    • We never knew how prophetic his lyrics would be.
    • Just wait and see, the mountains we’ll climb together, hold onto me, we’ll make it through the storm,serving our King, for the rest of our lives, just wait and see, I’ll be here forever…”
    • Thank you Chuck!  Your words continue to flood my ears and eyes each day as I marvel at the beauty of the marriage God has granted us.  It is only by God’s goodness and grace that we are able to live through life’s storms serving our King!

We give God thanksgiving a praise for all His expressions of grace and loving kindness.  Finally, we thank God for each of you too!  It has been your prayers and thoughtful help during these storms which have sustained us.  Thank you, and please keep up the prayers.

In His grace,
Taylor, Angela, Bethany, and Jonathan