Update: April 24th, 2014

Not a lot to report today.  No tests, lots of iv medications, and a little mischievous fun in the afternoon.

The Good:  I think Bethany is holding her own.  She has been fever free for several days.  Her liver numbers improved again today, and her hemoglobin and white count improved too.  Bethany also got a nice visit from Lancelot, one of the hospital golden retrievers.  Bethany also has eaten better today (main because I twisted her arm all day to eat more and better). As a result, Bethany hasn’t had problems with her head hurting as much today.

The Bad:  Another sleepless night.  We were both up much of the night because of all of Bethany’s iv medication.  The nurse was in the room as least every 40 minutes.  We’ve talked to the doctors about this and we are working on getting this fixed.  Please pray for uninterrupted sleep tonight.  

Bethany’s platelet count continues to fall.  It had returned to normal, but started to fall again a couple of days ago.  Bethany’s immunoglobulin has fallen because of the chemotherapy.  Because of this, Bethany will get an infuse of immunoglobulin tomorrow.

Bethany also continues to have high blood pressure.  She’s currently on 4 different blood pressure meds to help, but she’s still running around 150/94.  Overall, Bethany continues to just feel bad.  She’s very tired, achy, and dizzy.  Please pray she can get back to feeling well.

The Ugly:  This morning at 7 a.m., right after the nurse finally left Bethany alone, construction workers began demolishing the floor directly below our room.  We thought a bomb had gone off under us.  Bethany’s bed began to shake and rumble, and then the hammers began.  This went on all day!  It finally stopped about 6 p.m.

Finally, we are currently sitting in an 80+ degree room because the air conditioning has stopped working in our section of the hospital.  We are literally sweating.  They’ve got maintenance working on it, but it’s been this hot for about 4 hours now.

Thanks for the continued prayers.  Have a great evening!  We love you, and appreciate each of you.

In His grace,
Taylor, Angela, Bethany, and Jonathan


One thought on “Update: April 24th, 2014

  1. Praying for you and your family, Bethany, in California. Keep pressing into Christ: He will see you through.

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