TNS 75th Fastest Growing Sites on WP!

Things Not Seen is growing!  Today we experienced a flurry of activity which pushed us into WordPress’ Top 100 Fastest Growing Sites (75th to be exact).  WordPress hosts 648,761 blogs.  So, you can imagine it is quite hard to penetrate this Top 100.

Thank you for visiting and making TNS the special place it is!  Maybe with a little effort we’ll even climb into the top 10.  Keep coming back, browse around, and help us break the top 10.  Upcoming feature articles will include:  Part 3 of Whatever Happened Training Wheels?; I Wonder If Jesus Had a Marketing Plan?; Where Have All the Girls Gone?; and They Call Me Preacher.

Again, thank you for helping TNS to reach this milestone.  Return again soon, and have a blessed day!



Tonight On Smallville – “Crimson”

Superman “S” SymbolJust another little bit of fun for all you Superman fans.  Here are a few screen shots of tonights episode of smallville.  We know that Red Kryptonite is involved, so I’m guessing that this is their big Valentines episode.  So, be prepared for skin, sex, and “I’m so sorry; I don’t know what came over me!”

Take a few minutes and read my comments at the end of this post about the episode and the irresponsible underlying message it communicates.

Enjoy the pics!


Lois & Clark at the Watch Tower

Clark & Lois Reckless with Red Kryptonite.

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