BreakoutEdu – Where is Agent Steven Hill? Debriefing

The video that got us started…

Congratulations on breaking out of my game!  Now take a few moments to learn more about the tech behind the game.  Below, I have shared the tools I used and how I used them.  I used the free version of all these apps.  Investigate them, try them out, and see if any might be worth using in your work setting.

BreakoutEdu – is an amazing resource with plenty of ideas and how to videos to help you create your own digital breakout

Wevideo – I used this online video editing tool to put together my introductory video.

PowerPoint – PowerPoint is an amazingly powerful presentation tool which I was able to use to create all the beautiful dossier slides for my video.

Publisher – I used Publisher to edit and create PNG images used throughout my game.

Google Forms – Google Forms is a powerful tool which can be utilized in so many amazing ways.  It ended up being the main platform for our game.

Google Slides – PowerPoint is a great tool, but Slides is equally handy.  I used Slides for a few quick clues.

Google Drawings – Wow, what can I say about this tool.  I saved my when I was in need of linking an image to a clue.  Very easy and user friendly.

Thinglink – I used this on Steven Hill’s apartment diagram to add hot spots which helped to kick start our game.  Very powerful tool, even more so if you get the paid version.

Piktochart- Really enjoyed using this to create my infographic on Cord Cutting.  Beautiful design and easy.

Aurasma – How did you like finding something hid within Steven’s portrait?  Fun huh?  I love this tool, and definitely plan to use it over and over again. – I just discovered this very useful site.  Great for shortening those long web addresses and then customizing them to your specific needs.

Screencastify – I am still getting the hang of talking to a screen, but I love this tool.  Nothing like making a quick video to show other how easy something is.  Showing is so much easier than telling sometimes.

QR code generator – I used this to generate the QR code for the jigsaw puzzle.  This like screencastify is a Google extension downloaded right into the Chrome browser.  Love this tool.  Easy to use, and I can’t wait to use it again soon. – Hope you enjoyed the puzzle.  I thought this was a cool idea to have a clue be a clue.

Word Search Creator – – very easy to use.  I created the word search downloaded the image and then uploaded to the jigsaw page.

Google Translate – How about that Klingon?  Love this.  All of Google’s tools work so well and are intuitive.

Google Sites – I’m new to Google Sites, and I am still getting use to it.  But, the more I use it the more I like it.  I can honestly say that I only had to fight with it for a few moments.

And last, but not least, WordPress – I’ve used WordPress for a long time.  I would not change.  It is user friendly and reliable.

I hope these help.  Thanks for playing!  Blessings and peace out!